Monday, April 16, 2012

Pick Up

Today on Rachel's blog, she was talking about our schedules being thrown off and to just jump back in and pick up right where we left off. Wherever that may be. That sounds like a WONDERFUL thing for today! I have gotten so far off track with my schedule lately, that everything is just out of order.

Today is a busy one anyhow. I had one kid with a doctor's appointment this morning. Oralee has been complaining of a sore throat all weekend and today, I took her in to see the doctor to rule out strep, which the quick strep test has done, so she is back at school now. We will have to wait and see what the cultured sample turns up, but for now, we're calling it a virus.

Later today, Koren and Jeriah both have eye appointments with the pediatric opthamologist. Their appointments are an hour apart. And yes, those are back-to-back appointments. Across town. Just like Oralee's appointment this morning was. Which means that we will get done just in time to get the other kids from school.

Then tonight, I have a Pampered Chef party to go to. It's being held by Hubby's cousin. I don't really need anything but I'll go along anyhow. I like the food. Free food is even better! Meanwhile, Hubby and his friend will hang out at his mom's house, watching the kids and playing a new video game that is in beta testing right now. Yes, my Hubby is a beta tester. I'm so proud.

So, my hope is that between the boys' eye appointment this afternoon and the time that we leave for the other side of town to go to Hubby's mom's house and for me to go to the Pampered Chef party, I will be able to accomplish SOMETHING semi-domestic around here.

My goal:
  • Clean up the dining room to presentable form.
  • Clean the kitchen. All dishes washed/dried/put away. Counters and stove top all cleared. Trash out.
  • Living room picked up. All toys put away. All miscellaneous items that end up in here replaced to their proper homes.
  • Den area picked up. All trash taken out of this room, the toys put away, the baby stuff put away, the floor picked up, the desk and table surfaces cleared off.
  • Laundry. Two loads. A girl can dream right?
That's my goal for today. This evening after the party, I also hope to put the finishing touches on Jeriah's Family Literacy Portfolio. I NEED to find my camera though so that I can upload all the pictures and have those to go along with the book. Okay, so I don't HAVE to have the pictures, but I really enjoy having them in there as well. It was due, oh, on Friday, I believe. My bad. I will strive to get it done by this Friday.