Thursday, January 3, 2013

Exciting News!!!

Okay, so I have told you all about Calla, my best friend's daughter, who is like a niece to me. Well, she was over to our house yesterday while her dad was at work and I got some SUPER exciting news!

About a week ago or so, my best friend's dad posted a picture on his facebook page of his new granddaughter. He has three children. My best friend is the oldest, then there's little sister and baby brother. Little Sister isn't THAT little - she's almost 25 and Baby Brother is like 20 or 21. Well, anyhow, the picture was posted of a new granddaughter and I knew it wasn't Little Sister's baby, so I assumed it was Baby Brother's baby. This "new" granddaughter is six months old. As it turns out, even Little Sister initially thought that the new baby was Baby Brother's. But it's not. It's my best friend's newest baby. Squeal!!!

Okay, I know it sounds crazy to be THIS excited over my friend finding out that he has a baby that he didn't know about. But, he and the baby's mom get along really well and he has seen the baby every week since he found out that she was indeed his. He has a great girlfriend and a stable life (the most stable that I've seen him have in probably 13 years or so) and I'm just so excited for him!

Not to mention, that also means that I have a new baby "niece" to dote on and I cannot wait to meet her! She is such a beautiful baby and Calla tells me that her new little sister looks a lot like she did when she was a baby. I don't know what Calla looked like when she was a baby so I'm taking her word for it. Calla is like exactly 50% like her mom and 50% like her dad.

So that is my exciting news! I told best friend today that once he works out his visitations with the new baby, if the need should arise, I would totally be willing to babysit for him. Now to plan for things to make for this new wee one. Swoon! I'm thinking blankets and hats and sweaters and all kinds of fun stuff and then for this next Christmas, when she will be almost a year and a half, I'll make her lots of other fun stuff too. I think it's time to learn to knit or needle felt toys for a toddler! I have nearly a year to do it! And of course, there is her birthday as well. Oh, I'm just so far beyond excited! I love babies anyhow, but I love this particular one even more because she is the daughter of my best friend.