Thursday, August 21, 2014

Long Break

I didn't intend to taake that long of a break from my blog here. Wow. Life got crazy busy and I was so busy living it, that I didn't blog about it.

In January, Hubby's grandmother died. She was buried in May. A week ago, my stepdad (my mom's ex-husband) died and his funeral was this past weekend.

Last school year, when Jeriah was in first grade, we were struggling with behavior and sleep issues both, while trying to get the school to recognize his need for both diff education and special education. We have since solved the sleep issue, have made significant progress in the behavior issue, Jeriah is in diff education for math and language arts and may not need the services from the special education department afterall.

This summer, Cephas and Koren swam for our local YMCA team and competed in four competitions, including our city championship. This fall, Cephas is continuing with team, while also playing football for the A squad on our city's midget football league. Next year, he will play freshman football. I can't believe it.

Koren decided not to do swim team this fall, so he will be doing taekwondo instead. He is also in the advanced orchestra at his school. During the summer, he went to school for two weeks, to be trained as a reading tutor, so he will be tutoring after school as well.

Oralee has been asked to join swim team, after a coach saw her swim at a team celebration. She loves it, even though she still has a lot to learn. She took piano this summer and we are currently on the lookout for a new teacher, because her teacher moved.

Jeriah also took piano this summer, which he loves. We really want to get him back to it as soon as possible. He is also going to be doing taekwondo with Koren. I hope it is good for him. We have had such huge improvements this summer, which have continued into our school year, with a few minor tweaks.

I just wanted to get a post on here, with a quick catch up. More tomorrow maybe.