Saturday, January 4, 2014

Family Activities - Week One

One of my goals for this year was to make an extra effort to spend some time doing family activities each week. There were a few from this past week that I could have chosen from, but the one that I am choosing to share is a trip that the kids and I took to a large gingerbread house display that was held at the Winter Quarters Visitors Center.

Here are some of the amazing pieces:

And then there was the life of Christ as depicted in gingerbread style:

Mary and Joseph travelling to Jerusalem.

The Birth of Christ

Christ as a little child

John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.

Jesus healing the blind man.

Jesus healing the leper.

Jesus calls the children to Him.

The Last Supper
The Resurrection

Some other pics from the museum portion of the Visitors Center:

It was an absolutely amazing time! I feel incredibly blessed and thankful that we were able to go and visit and learn about this time in history! And a few fun shots of the kids:

The kids standing outside a replica of a log cabin home reminiscent of the time. Cephas is all in black, with his arms across his chest. A friend of ours joked around that he looks like a bouncer, which is doubly funny to me, because we don't drink.

Koren, Oralee and Jeriah pretending to pull a handcart like many of those who travelled from Illinois all the way to Utah.
It was such a  blast and I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to go and visit and have fun and learn!