Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hubby and I are not having any more children. He made that decision just a few months after I had Jeriah. It's been a solid five and a half years since he has had his vasectomy, so it comes at no surprise to him or anyone else who knows us, just how excited I get every time I get to watch little Paytin.

As of today, she is now 43 days old and just a doll. I could just hold her for hours! I so badly miss this newborn baby stage. Of course, that being said, she is a much easier baby than any of mine were. With Cephas, I was high-strung and very sick shortly after he was born. With Jeriah, he had torticollis and I had an emergency appendectomy a month after he was born. He also had really bad GERD but it took us months to determine that is what his issue was. With Oralee, she was a pretty easy baby but Hubby and I were going through some major marital issues and I was just EXHAUSTED! With Jeriah, it was good but he had MSPI and was intolerant to nearly everything under the sun and it took up so much time and energy trying to figure out all that was going on with him. Everything I ate made him cry. It was so hard.

Comparatively speaking, Paytin is a breeze. She burps and then pukes everything up if you don't burp her after each and every ounce of formula that she eats. She has even settled in to a regular schedule here. She arrives at nine o'clock and is awake and alert. She usually needs one or two diaper changes by ten o'clock, then she'll doze for about half an hour, decide she is hungry, wake up and eat a bottle, then she'll get a new diaper and fall back asleep for real between eleven and eleven-thirty. Most of the time, she'll sleep through until one or two. Her dad picks her up just after two, so I almost feel bad for charging him for babysitting, but I still do. It's not much money, but it does help with small extra things. I am even able to get stuff around the house or homework done. My friend, Melma, comes over around twelve-thirty and we do homework while Paytin sleeps. It's such a perfect scenario!

I seriously love my baby snuggles time! I know that there are no more babies in the picture for Hubby and I, but sometimes it really makes me sad. Especially when at least ten of our friends have had babies just this summer alone! Watching Paytin is great though. I get my "baby fix" without actually having to have a baby and all that goes with it.

Only another fifteen years until Cephas is allowed to have children. He'll be almost twenty-eight. I think that's a good age for him to have kids. Probably will happen before that, when he is like twenty-three or twenty-four, but still that's only ten years away. I am going to be the grandma who loves to have her grandkids/grandbabies over!

Okay, that got really weird. Apparently, stream of conscious typing gets a little bit weird when I'm tired. It's 1:30 in the morning, but I'm going to set this to post around 8:30 in the morning instead. For now, though, I hope you are having as much fun today as I am going to have!

Labor Day

Today was an odd kind of day. I had planned to get up and spend much of the day doing homework, but ended up sleeping in. I have had hay fever this past week like nobody's business and it has been turning my world upside down.

I ended up staying in bed until around ten o'clock this morning, then I got up and started working on some homework. Truthfully, with all that has happened in our house in the last month and some medical issues I have been dealing with, I think I may end up failing this class if I am not able to drop it. I am going to talk to the instructor tomorrow about it and ask if I can drop it. I am guessing that I will need to have her permission to do so, since it is so late in the quarter. I just need to figure out what it is that I need to do for this class. I did get a full week's worth of work done. Problem is that I need to get four more week's worth done before Wednesday to get caught up. I don't think that is going to happen, but I'm going to try before I make my decision.

Hubby and I went down to get the kids from his parents around three in the afternoon. Oralee has learned how to ride her bike without training wheels finally. She's seven and has been terrified of riding without training wheels. We were certain that Jeriah was going to ride without them first. But Grandma said that Oralee was watching Angel tootle (yes, that's the word she used) around on the bike without needing the extra support and Oralee decided that if Angel (who is two years younger than her) could do it so easily, then she could too. She was determined to do it and now she can!

This is Oralee with the bike we bought her for her sixth birthday. We will be taking the training wheels off and she'll be ready to go!

Jeriah is the last one to learn how to ride a bike unsupported. If he is willing to ride on the tandem bike attachment, family bike rides are now an option. They just haven't been for a little bit now because the Jeriah and Oralee weigh too much together to be pulled in the bike trailer - not to mention, that they are cramped as can be in there!

When we got home, we had the kids do their chores and Hubby made supper while I worked on our month's menu and this week's grocery list. After dinner, I was hit HARD with a migraine. The kind of migraine where you don't even want to move. Thankfully, the kids are pretty much able to get themselves ready for bed and with Hubby's encouragement, they did what they were supposed to do.

Once all five of the kids were in bed and my migraine had subsided enough for me to function, I left for the grocery store. I picked up some fast food and a shake for Hubby on the way home but had to have Hubby bring all of the groceries in because I was having this horrible post-migraine shakey pukey feeling that is incredibly uncomfortable and scary to me.

He brought the groceries in and put the cold stuff away. The non-cold items are still sitting around in bags but I'll get to them first thing tomorrow morning. Well, maybe not first thing, but early on in the morning.

I have Paytin tomorrow morning so I need to make sure that the living room and den areas are really neat and tidy first. It just makes me feel better if those two rooms are at least tidy before her dad drops her off. Once she is here and napping, then I can get to work on the kitchen and putting the groceries away and folding the laundry and all that jazz.

Overall though, it's been a pretty decent day. I got a lot of stuff done today, despite feeling like I hadn't accomplished really anything at all.