Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Case of the Crazies!!!

Okay, I admit it. My house is driving me insane. Or rather, the cluttery-ness of it at the moment. I have to work a 12 hour shift today (which is why I am awake at 4am, of course?) but let me assure you, when I get off work today, I am going to start a full-scale clean and declutterization of the whole house. Notice I didn't say that I was going to get it all done, rather I said, START one. You see, I am realistic. I know that what I am wanting to do here is going to take some time and is not likely to be completely accomplished in one evening. Maybe 1/8 of the house will be done (equivalent to one room of our home) but rest assured, the job will get started!

My plan of attack is to start in our dining room. It's one of the smaller rooms and overall, it should be fairly easy to accomplish. I just need to straighten our built-in corner cabinets, the armoire where I keep extra storage containers and the little kids' table (where the little kids eat when we have company). Then just clear off the table, straighten the few items that are regularly kept on the floor of this room (the dog dishes and the extra dog food) and then dust, wash windows, sweep and mop. Then the room will be done! All told, the room should take about an hour?

Then the room to follow will be the kitchen, then the living room, then the front room, the bathroom and then each of the three bedrooms. But just taking it one step at a time! I just needed to put it down here so that there was some kind of accountability to make sure that I get it done.

I may start doing Tackle It Tuesday (tackle on Monday, schedule a post for Tuesday) but I'm not sure just yet if that is something that I want to take part in. I love memes, don't get me wrong. I just don't know if I want that to be the focus. I want to have new and inspired material on this here blog. Not just something that I did and blogged about because I was supposed to. Does that make sense to everyone? I guess as long as I have other content as well then it will could be okay. We'll see...