Sunday, October 9, 2011


Right now, schedules around our house are a nightmare. Between Hubby and I, we work every day of the week. The one great thing about this is that we rarely overlap. The problem that we are running into with schedules though, is trying to balance the kids' activities with their responsibilities. It is a hard task. Whoever said parenting was easy obviously was not a parent.

I try to have the kids' clothes picked out the night before. They are free to choose something different to wear if they want but at least this way, there is a full set of clean clothes ready for them to put on and start their day. I also try to have them put their homework in their backpacks and to have their backpacks hung up and their shoes and jackets near their backpacks as well so that when it is time to go they can just head out the door. Super easy! The problem with this happens on Wednesday and Friday mornings. You see, I work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and don't get home until really late. I'm not around those days after school to make sure they get their homework done and to do all of those things that I normally do with or for them the nights that I am home. On the other hand, I guess, it is only two days a week and maybe I just need to plan better for those things and make sure that the kids get up early enough on Wednesdays and Fridays to allow them time to do the things that they are supposed to do after school. I don't know. It's all a work in progress.

Right now, I am printing off some materials from one of my favorite sites (EVER!) called Donna Young. It is just an invaluable resource if you are a homemaker OR a homeschooler OR a mom just trying to get herself together. I'm a little of all three. I'm definitely the homemaker (even though I work more hours than Hubby does outside of our home), and we tend to be something called "Afterschoolers" (read "The Well-Trained Mind" if you have never heard of an afterschooler) and yup, I'm also a mama, just trying to make sure everything runs smoothly for everybody.

We have so many things going on, I just wish I could cancel some of them out. But in reality, I know that the things that we have going on for the kids are good for them and that they enjoy their activities and they grow from them. Webelos meetings, Wolf meetings, Pack meetings, popcorn sales, Daisy meetings, nut and candy sales, piano lessons, violin lessons, church youth group, Cephas' various jobs...all are worthwhile and enhance our children - and us.

So I try to remember that on the days that I have off from work and am running from school pick up to product sales to music lessons to daisy meeting and feel like I have nothing to show for my day. In reality, I have the entire day that they are at school to get things done that *I* need to get done on my day off. After school time should be about them and family and doing things that enrich us. So if you see me whining about how much I didn't get done, remind me that there is always time for anything that we choose to do. And in the meantime, I'll be working harder and smarter to make sure that I am getting the most use of my time as well! Thanks everyone!