Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mountain Climbing

No, not a real mountain. I'm talking about the mountain of housework that I have to do today. It has been positively chaotic around here. And well, the house took a back seat and just further added to the chaos. Chaos = "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome", and no, that is not an original. I just cannot remember where I read that. But it fits. (Maybe it was FlyLady?)

Anyhow, to give you an idea of the chaos that is my house:
  • There is a bicycle in my (narrow) hallway. (Done. Moved it out to the back deck.)
  • The kids' chore chart board still has March 30th as the date on it. (Done. I just cleared off the whole board. Might try a different chore system, actually.)
  • There is a bicycle by my front door. (Done. Moved it out to the back deck.)
  • There are two laundry baskets of clean clothes behind my couch.
  • There are clothes on hangers on our overflow rod in my entry way that need to be placed into closets.
  • There is a LARGE TJ Maxx tote of paper recycling on my dining room table.
  • There are four bags of cans on my back porch waiting to be taken to the recycling center.
  • There are still baby toys everywhere. (Done. Picked them up and put them all back into their little baskets and back onto their shelf.)
  • The playpen is still set up, even though I won't have Babycakes until this weekend (since Oralee has strep, we don't want to take any chances) (Done. Packed it up and put it back in the box.)
  • I have tools siting on my favorite wingback chair (and my tool bag is UNDER the chair). (Done. I put the tools into the bag. Bag is still under my chair though. It's tucked away, but conveniently located)
  • I haven't seen our breakfast bar in months. (Done. It looks so nice and neat now!)
  • My kitchen counters have only about a quarter of their usable space.
  • Every flat surface in the house needs to be cleared off and wiped down (minimum). (Hubby's main desk area - not the hutch portion- is done, my table where I sit is done, the cedar chest is done, the little side table is done. I also go the extra desk chair cleared off, the bar stools, the wingback chair, the recliner and the couch finished up.) I still need to do the hutch part of Hubby's desk, the surface part of Hubby's desk (again! - he really doesn't pick up after himself!) :), and the armoire yet.
  • There is a mountain of laundry to put through the wash.
  • Oh - and I need to get my refrigerator cleared off and cleaned out because we are getting a new (to us) one this evening. (Done. Hubby and his friend went over tonight to pick it up. They brought it back and we got it all set up. I got everything transferred over, but now I have a new problem - I have my old fridge sitting in the middle of my kitchen now! I just can't win some days! I guess that's why there is always tomorrow, right?) 
I have five and a half hours until the boys all get home and even still, with all of the little tiny extra things that I have to get done, I am honestly not sure that it is going to happen. I am going to work my tail off trying to get it all done though, let me assure you! I hope to be able to come back here later and add in a (Done) behind each and every item on this list. Probably won't be able to do it for EVERY one of them, but for some of them, I should be able to.