Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tackle It Tuesday: Clean Home Challenge: Week 1: Top of the Dresser

I am super excited to start doing these challenges again. My plan is to post the challenge as given by Katie each week in the morning with my before picture(s) and update it in the evening with the after picture(s).

For this week, I am doing the tops of both of my dressers. In my bedroom, my husband and I have two dressers. We have our regular dresser (which we refer to as our long dresser) and our chest of drawers. We both have clothes stored in both dressers.

If I have time, I will also try to do all three of the dressers that my four kids have. Cephas and Koren share a dresser in their room and then in Oralee and Jeriah's room, they each have their own dressers. I'm not sure that I will have time to get to all of them, but if I do, I will share those photos as well.