Thursday, March 29, 2012


Since I had mentioned this first, I am going to write about it. The boys were in our Scouts at our school. Cephas was a Webelos II and he didn't get a chance to finish out his program in Webelos because he had come in for the last few months of the 18 month program. He was still able to go on to Boy Scouts because of his age, regardless of whether or not he finished Webelos. So we started looking into Boy Scout Troops.

My friend made mention that our church had Scouts as well and that Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts all meet together at the same time, in the same location on the same night every week. I was really excited about that! The fact that we are able to have a regular set schedule makes such a huge difference! Before, Cephas had Scouts one day every other week always at the same location. Meanwhile, Koren had Scouts on a different day but it was every week but at different locations that changed constantly. It was so frustrating trying to keep track of it all. I love streamlining the schedule!

The boys have adapted to it really well too. The boys that they are in Scouts with are boys whose family have a different (from the school) moral compass but are all more similar to each other and to our family's values. I hope that makes sense.

And the bonus is that I get to see my friend every week too! She brings her son to Scouts and then she and her daughter sit there at the church in the foyer and wait for Scouts to get over. Or sometimes they will go to the mall, which is nearby and walk around while Scouts is going on. Since my boys started attending Scouts there too, I bring Oralee along and she and my friend's daughter play and color and read together while my friend and I sit and visit. It has been so wonderful! Oh - and Jeriah stays home with Dad. It's his father/son time. It just works so well!

Can you tell that I love it?! Last week, Cephas had a field trip for Scouts so we were going to meet in an alternate location (arranged far in advance so that I could plan for it) which would have been difficult because Koren had to be at the regular location at the same time. But what made it so easy was that I just called my friend up, mentioned the change in Cephas' meeting location and she offered to take Koren and Oralee. I just dropped them off at her house and then went on to the meeting with Cephas. She brought the kids home afterwards and it worked out so beautifully! I love the friendship that I have with her and I love the friendship that our children are developing as well!

Tonight, I think we might be picking the three of them up on our way to Scouts because she has some intermittent vehicle troubles going on with certain weather conditions that are forecast for tonight.

Okay, that is one item checked off of my list of things to blog about. :)