Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two Months In No Time Flat

Is it just me or did those two months that I unintentionally took another bloggy break just fly by? Man, I gotta work on that! I have had a very full and exciting two months though. I have taken notes in my planner so that I can share with you some of the highlights. But not tonight. Tonight I am just going to give you a little hint of what I am going to post about. You ready for it?

Cephas and Koren both have changed Scout groups. Cephas is now a Boy Scout so needed to change groups anyhow and it made sense to have Koren follow along with him to the new group. The Cub Scout Pack that Koren is now involved in feeds directly into the Boy Scout Troop that Cephas is in.

Cephas has had some issues with behavior and this is a current work in progress. I will be sharing some of what we are doing and how it is working with him. I have some ideas about what may be going on with him but until I know more, the posts may be a bit on the vague side (or they might not be - it depends on my thoughts for that day)

Cephas and Koren both have dropped their music lessons. More about that as well.

Oralee had dominated the space she shared with Jeriah. I changed that. It is pretty cute. And a HUGE change when you see the before and after! You won't want to miss that post!

Jeriah has some exciting things going on at school that I am still amazed about.

All of the kids have developed some much-needed new friendships with quality kids.

Jeriah has his first semi-regular non-family babysitter. It has been awesome!

I have rearranged my living areas three (or is it four?) times since I last posted about our living room arrangement. It is too hard to keep track. We will say that it is VASTLY different from what you last knew of it.

I have been a decluttering, spring cleaning mad woman around here. That is part of why I haven't been posting much. Too busy living life to write about it. That will change though. Well, not the living life part of it, the too busy to write about it part of it.

We have a storage unit. I hate it. I hate wasting my money every month to hold on to things that we will (probably) never need again and haven't (for the most part - there are exceptions to this) even missed having around. We are working hard on that as well. By the end of April, there will be no storage unit. Mark my words. You have them here in writing. (Yes, I think I said something about that before but there are other changes in our lives that have made this possible.)

Speaking of those other changes in our lives, I will be blogging about those as well. They are big. They are good. They are new. I am excited about them like you wouldn't even be able to believe.

And I have fallen in love with a product that I want to share with you all. That will probably be more towards the end of April, maybe even the beginning of May. It is truly wonderful and I love what I know about the company right now. More research is required at this point, but so far, I am in love with the products!

Okay, I think that will sum up this post for now. Hope to see you back here soon. I can't wait to figure out where to start! It's so good to be back!