Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finding and Acheiving Balance

I am struggling to find a balance for all of my responsibilities. Any one else have this issue? This week is going to be busy, but not so much that I don't have time to get it all done.

Tomorrow, we don't have school, but I will only be home part of the day as I am going over to Bree's house to help her declutter her clothes' closet (and maybe even get to take home some of the items if I really like them). Tuesday, we have an appointment with our therapist and one of her partners about finally starting a medication regime for Cephas (it's something that we have tried to avoid, but entering the teen years, we feel it is now time) that will take up most of the morning. The rest of the day is fairly empty though. Wednesday, I have to work and then in the evening I also have an appointment at church. Thursday, I will be visit teaching with my teaching companion and then I will be going to a movie with the mother-in-law. We also have the Pinewood Derby in Scouts on this night, so one of our free evenings this week will be spent on creating a car for the Derby. Then Friday, I have blissfully nothing planned for the day yet.

Okay, here is my problem. The week itself, broken up like this, isn't so bad. But I seem to be having issues trying to acheive a balance. Thursday, there is just absolutely no wiggle room in my schedule. None at all. I'll be gone all day from 8:30 am when I take the kids to school until 8:30 pm when we get home from Scouts and Mutual.

These are the "scheduled" items on my list for the week. The "unscheduled" items are things like my personal Scripture study, Scripture study with Bree, tackling one area of the house at a time to declutter and really really clean it, doing all of my regular maintenance-type housework, getting to the gym and working out, and then other regular stuff like school drop off, school pick up, meal planning and execution, grocery shopping and other routine errands as such. I just need to sit down and figure out when and where everything is going to go.

Since I have tomorrow morning free (kid-free with Hubby at home, to be exact), we are planning on working on laundry and our bedroom, which is buried in laundry and clutter that gets shoved in there whenever we have company. Then I'll be going to Bree's house to help her, then I'll be heading back home to get dinner ready so that we can eat before beginning our evening plans. We'll probably work on the Derby car and I also really want to take the kids to the gym that night to go swimming. They really enjoy going and they have such a great time.

Tuesday, I know that my morning is already pretty much gone. We'll probably feed Cephas before sending him back to school (or just let him stay out for the rest of the day - depending on how much time is left in his school day before they are let out) and then that afternoon, we will be working on the Pinewood Derby car, as well as things around the house, maybe even get around to tackling one complete area too. That evening, I want to take the kids to gym again after supper, but I want to do a water aerobics class that I enjoy that evening. It's a TOUGH workout and I feel it so much afterwards, but it is incredible! The older boys can either swim in the other pool or they can shoot baskets in the gym. The little kids will go to the Child Watch center while I am in my class, then maybe we will swim again as a family afterwards.

Wednesday, I'll have work and then I'll do school pickups, home dropoffs (we carpool that day), then get home and make dinner before I have to leave for my meeting at church. When I get home that evening, we'll do finishing touches on the Derby car, and then I'll work on some regular everyday housework and call it a night.

Thursday is my busy day. I'll take the kids to school, go visit teach, then do lunch and a movie with my mother-in-law (it's not something that we've ever done before, so I'm kind of excited for it!) and then it will be time to get the kids from school and a friend's house and hurry home to eat a quick dinner before leaving for the Pinewood Derby. After the Derby is over, we'll call it a night.

Friday, oh how I am looking forward to Friday! I plan to spend my day on Friday (at home, without Hubby or kids or anyone else!), working on things around the house, to get it ready for the weekend. I also want to spend a good chunk of time in my Scriptures this day. I'll need to do this before Hubby gets home, as he has this desire to try to talk to me while I'm reading something (anything!), just as I have the same desire to try to talk to him during a football game or a video game or some other inopportune time for him. Friday night, we will plan on the gym again, but we'll have to see for sure.

Saturday, Hubby has to work and the kids and I will be working on our deep-cleaning chores here at home. My goal for Saturday's chores: have all three bedrooms completely clean! It's a big, giant goal but it's definitely worth trying for.

The one thing that I have, for the most part, missed in this plan is my Scripture time. And maybe that's my problem, that I am not starting with that and that's why I feel like I'm not achieving any balance.  So, going back through the days...on Monday, I will do my study time in the morning before Hubby gets up, Tuesday, I'll do my study time in the morning before everyone gets up, Wednesday, I'll do it after dropping kids off at school but before going to work, Thursday, I'll do it after visit teaching, but before the movie, Friday, I'll do it in the morning while Hubby is at work (as I had already planned), then on Saturday, I'll do it in the evening.

Also, on Saturday evening, I'll need to make sure that I have my lesson plan for Nursery completed. I broke up the lesson we are on into two parts, with part one being today and part two being next week. I had also planned to meet with my Nursery co-leader at some point this week, which may end up being on Tuesday afternoon, after Cephas' appointment. I just remembered that we had talked about tentatively setting something up this week to discuss Nursery.

So, that's my week. It will be busy, but the important thing for me to realize is that there is more than enough time to get it all done and to find that balance that I so desire. I love my life and I love all the different aspects and yes, even all of the different responsibilities that go along with it. Sometimes, I just get overwhelmed and talk myself into a situation where I (incorrectly) think that I'm over-scheduled or whatever, even though this is absolutely not the case! So thanks for being here and reading and letting me get it all clear in my head. Most of the things that I was trying to make sure that I had time to dedicate to in my schedule were those things that I had on my goals for this year. It is very important to me to be able to complete those goals and to make that solid lifestyle change. Every little thing that I can do to help me accomplish those goals, I'm willing to do.