Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Cephas!

Today is Cephas' twelfth birthday, which I wrote about here but I have something special planned to surprise him with today. While he is gone this morning, I plan to work in his and Koren's room and get it 100% clean and spotless. This accomplishes two things. One, he doesn't have to do it on his birthday. Two, it gets done the way that I have been wanting to have it get done for a long time now.

There was a second plan that I made for his birthday today. It was a last minute plan, but since I found out that Cephas and his group will be back in town tomorrow by noon, I decided that I would put together a quick party for him. Poor Cephas has only had a few birthday parties in all of his twelve years. And most of those were when he was too young to remember them. But since this is such an important day for him, I really wanted to do something extra special for it and for him. So, while he was at school yesterday, I called around to some of his friend's parents and asked them all if a party today would work for them and explained that I did realize that since it was last minute, that it might not work out. However, it (surprisingly!) worked out for every family that I talked to, which I was super excited about!

I went to one of our YMCAs here and reserved a party room and so the kids will be able to swim and use the gym both. I'm thinking we will spend the first little bit of time getting everyone ready and then we'll either do the pool or the gym for the first hour, followed by the opposite activity for the second hour and then the third hour, we'll use the party room for cake and ice cream and snacks and presents.

I invited family and friends and a number of youth from our church and from my son's school as well as a few from our neighborhood. I just spent a week's grocery budget on party food and that didn't even include the cake or ice cream! I'm hoping it will be enough and that the kids will enjoy their time and the food and everything else. I'm just beyond excited to have this time for him to spend with his friends and our family and to be able to do something that he enjoys so much as well.

I was trying to make it a surprise party, but the fact that he is going to be with a number of his friends tomorrow morning for about five hours will be the deciding factor of whether or not it is an actual surprise. I am assuming that the parents I spoke to today have told their children about the party and I just don't know if they all passed on the message that it is supposed to be a surprise or if the kids will be able to contain it either. I may just go ahead and tell him about the party before he leaves this morning before his friends have the chance to spill the beans about it.

Then, for the evening we might just have Bree and her kids over to watch a movie and eat more of the junk that's possibly left over. Or we might end up going back over to my inlaw's house to just hang out. The evening is very much up in the air and we are completely open to ideas. But I'm thinking that something low-key to follow the major excitements from today is in order. That and the fact that Cephas has to be up around 6 am on a Saturday, so he may be tired (and Mom most certainly will be!).

I'm also super excited about a gift that I got for him. I wanted to get him a suit jacket but the places that I had looked for one wanted $45 and up for just a jacket! Hubby told me that I might just have to do what his cousin did and just buy one at Goodwill for Cephas. I had planned to go look but have been so busy lately that I just never got around to it. Well, tonight I just happened to be looking around at a consignment group in my area on Facebook and came across someone selling a full suit for only $20. I know Cephas' measurements for pants but since he has never been fitted for a jacket, I wasn't sure of his size for that. So I did the next best thing. I asked the seller what size shirt the person (most likely her husband - but I didn't want to assume it was) wore with it. Turns out that the shirt the person wore with it is only one size up from what Cephas wears and the pants are one size larger as well, which works out really well for us because Cephas' current slacks are just a smidge tighter than I'd prefer for him to wear. I was ecstatic to find that available for the price!

Now, I just need to get him some more ties. I think I'd like for him to have something like 5-10 ties, but I'll be buying them as I can afford them and as I find them here and there. I just love seeing him (and all of my kids really!) dressed up. They just look so nice and they seem to feel better and more mature when they are all dressed up.

More fun will be had later today and I promise to post some about it later on this evening. Until then...


(in orange because it is often his favorite color)